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Latest News

Weekend X10 Battle Points


This weekend, from 4pm on Friday until 8am on Monday morning, every duel carried out will earn you ten times more battle points than usual.
Make the most of it to increase your level :)
Please note this will be in place in all the rooms except DT.
Make the most of it to increase your level :)

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NEW CLAN: The Hive!


When their spaceship finally landed, four mysterious beings emerged from it.

For the first time in his life, Dregn broke out in a cold sweat. Was the prophecy he had always battled against, on the verge of coming true here, in the past?

And how were the other clans going to react to these new arrivals? For now, they are all standing tall, taking in the events from a safe distance...

Discover the first four characters from Urban Rivals’ new Hive clan:

The Hive clan presents a new EQUALIZER condition.

The Equalizer condition multiplies the ability that is connected to it by the level of the opposing card.
The stronger your opponent’s card, the stronger the ability will be.

Example: if my card has an “Equalizer” ability of +1 Power:
When up against a level 2 card, like Dustyn, my card will have a +2 Power.
When up against a level 3 card, like Murray, my card will have a +3 Power.
When up against a level 4 card, like Petra, my card will have a +4 Power.
When up against a level 5 card, like SkrumxxT, my card will have a +5 Power.

Get these characters in the shop's packs
5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Flash missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

The profile box in the Vortex colors is now available! How do you get hold of it? Easy! All you need is 60% of the clan in question!

Happy gaming!

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Live Event


Watch the Livestream event on Eclypsia from 9pm to 11pm!
The program will be presented by Maxildan - Xari and a well-known Urban Rivals’ player.
Over the course of the evening, there’ll be all sorts of prizes up for grabs (Tokenz/Credits/Collectors).

Be sure to join us!

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Special Live Event


Be sure not to miss the rerun of the final of the Community Tournament live on Eclypsia.
On September 29th, take part in our Live event and try winning some of the many prizes on offer.

Don’t make any other plans for the night!

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Actualización y correcciones del 26 de septiembre


Hola a todos:

Aquí tenéis una lista con las correcciones de bugs realizadas en estos últimos días:

[GREMIO] La bonificación de Gremio relativa a la reserva de puntos de experiencia no funciona.
[MISIONES] Las viejas misiones NB no aparece en la nueva página de misiones.
[MENÚ] Problema de visualización en el menú de jugador ya que el nombre del Gremio aparece por duplicado.
[EVENTO] No ha sido posible generar los Faceoffs (enfrentamientos) en el nuevo sitio.
[GREMIO / BANCO] Con la última actualización, los personajes legendarios y los Leaders ya no podrán incluirse en el Banco de Gremios.
El préstamo de personajes legendarios generaba un problema cuando un jugador tomaba una de estas cartas en préstamo para realizar misiones LD ya que el personaje no se le atribuía.
Creemos que lo más normal es que los personajes que se pueden usar sin tener que comprarlos, estén ligeramente limitados. El hecho de que sea así contribuye a su exclusividad en el juego.

¡Que juguéis mucho!

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September 26th Update and Corrections


Hi Everyone,

Here is the list of the most recent bug corrections:

[GUILD] The guild bonus connected to the XP reserve wasn’t working.
[MISSIONS] Old NB missions were not appearing on the new missions’ page.
[MENU] There was a display problem on the player menu with the guild name appearing twice.
[EVENT] It was impossible to generate Faceoffs on the new site.
[GUILD/BANK] With this latest update, you will no longer be able to put legendary characters and Leaders in the guild bank.
Loaning Legendary characters caused a problem when a player was lent this card to carry out LD missions as the card was not given.
We feel it is right that characters that can be obtained without having to purchase them, should be slightly restricted. This then helps to maintain their exclusive status within the game.

Happy gaming to you all!

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New Tokenz Rewards: DT - Survivor!


Hello UR players,

New Tokenz Rewards list for Survivor, EVERY DAY:

1 : 5 Gold 5 Silver 5 Bronze2 : 3 G 4 S 5 B3 : 2 G 3 S 5 B4 : 2 G 2 S 5 B5 : 2 G 2 S 3 B6-10 : 1 G 2 S 3 B11-25 : 1 G 1 S 3 B26-50 : 2 S 2 B51-100 : 1 S 2 B101-150 : 2 B151-250 : 1 B
New Tokenz Rewards list for DT:

1 : 3 Gold 3 Silver 3 Bronze2 : 2 G 3 S 3 B3 : 2 G 2 S 2 B4 : 2 G 1 S 2 B5 : 1 G 2 S 2 B6-10 : 1 G 1 S 2 B11-25 : 2 S 2 B26-50 : 1 S 2 B51-100 : 1 S 1 B101-150 : 1 B
Happy gaming!

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